Lavished Praise

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The alabaster bottle was “broken” and the perfume was “lavished” at Jesus’ feet. It wasn’t a disciple or a child of obedience who did that, but a “prostitute”. The bible tells us that the perfume was very expensive, and the source through which the prostitute got the money to buy this, is thinkable to all of us.

This story signifies that, when she broke the bottle, she broke herself in front of the gracious Lord. She knew there was something about this Jesus that gave her hope to live a life free of sin. Great was her sin, but the Love of Jesus made her wanting to let go her past (who she is).

Deep down somewhere, in certain areas of our life, we entertain prostitution- greed, idolatry, jealousy, bitterness, selfishness, self-pity, rejection, complains, laziness, pride…
Prostitution is not just a term as it is, it happens when we sell our thoughts to anything that is not from the Book of Life.

Lord, break the prostitute in me with Your Love,
That I may lavish on You the perfume of my heart’s Praise. : I pour my Love on You

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