Lull like a Babe

Few days’ back I was in my friend’s house, and happened to see her baby boy sleep. The only movements I could see are his stomach contracting and dilating as he took in and gave out breath. This very scene of watching him sleep so peacefully in the morning, when everyone else is making noise to get ready for work, gave me such an inexplicable joy and exuberance. It filled my heart with awe to see such calmness and worry less face resting with a smile. This little one’s heart was soaked with trust and faith in his parents, that it doesn’t even cross his mind to worry once if he would run out of clothes to wear or food to eat or to remember the ATM card password or the bank balance. It is totally unnecessary for a child to even have the slightest thought about all these, especially when his folks are taking care of it all. His role is just to enjoy the bliss. Mere human beings get illimitable delight watching little ones rest, how much more the Father in Heaven takes pleasure in seeing You (HIS PRECIOUS CHILD) rest and be still?

When you realize that it is none of your business to worry about ANYTHING at all, you immediately rush into the realm of peace that surpasses human understanding. You and I are more than blessed to have a Dad who has solutions to every problem and hold us in the palm of His hands.  His heart is filled with laughter when he sees you rest in the midst of much noise. God dances with delight when He knows you trust Him with all that you are and have.

When a child comes into your arms and doesn’t cry but smiles and laughs at you, you know for a fact the child likes you and trusts you to take complete care. At this point your face lightens up, your energy zooms at its peak and you relish every bit of that moment. There is absolutely no difference in the way Abba, Father feels when you run into His arms and laugh and smile in the midst of the odds in your life. It is then Psalm 37:4 becomes apparent in your life. When you delight God with your trust, there is no desire in your life that the Lord will not fulfill.

“Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires and secret petitions of your heart”.

Beloved of the Almighty let your rest; relaxation and stillness give pleasure to Your Daddy’s heart. Only take up the role to enjoy the BLISS of HIS goodness and mercy.

Lull like a babe


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