It is kept Ready!

I was at church on a Friday afternoon and happened to sit next to a mother with her wonderful baby. During the sermon she asked me for help to make her baby’s milk as her little one was showing signs of real hunger. While I was making the milk according to the instructions, I realized that the water to mix the milk with was boiling hot, and isn’t the right temperature for the child. We had to wait at least fifteen minutes before she had the milk in a form that wouldn’t burn her tongue.
Was the child in a real need to satisfy the hunger? Was the mother aware? Was the right kind of food available to feed the baby? Yes! – A non-negotiable answer.

But if everything worked abruptly then definitely we would hear the child cry out in pain because the water was boiling hot and her tongue would definitely burn. Wouldn’t that be a painful scene?

Now how did the mother manage to keep the child pulling through her need of hunger, till the milk cooled down? She just played with her little one, kissing her, laughing with her, talking to her, distracting her and just pampering her. Whatever the mother did continuously to distract her worked well enough for the child not be cranky and run out of patience. Such an intimacy of love was enough for the child to forget her hunger. Her mom’s play was just boosted her up to laugh, giggle and be active.

Being witness to love so amazing, indeed the Holy Spirit started ministering to my heart about each and every moment that took place, before the child finally had her milk.

Are you hungry for something? Is your Father in Heaven aware about this need of yours? Are the right kinds of channels available to you to satisfy the need? Regardless of all these being a YES, you still face the delay. You still wonder, why isn’t the very thing you are waiting for, not happening. God’s spoken to you, confirmations have been laid out and resources are available.

Your Daddy is getting you distracted by His love. Be willing and passionate enough to let Him distract you with His Love and Glory; till that very moment comes to tangibly experience what you have been waiting for. Wasn’t it quiet uncomfortable for the child to laugh and giggle while the mother was playing with her in her moment of hunger? But, the love that oozed out of the mother was the assurance for her child, “I will definitely get my milk to drink.” No wonder, we are called to be like little children. Our Father delays in few things not because the gifts or the answers we long for aren’t His will, but because an abrupt release of those blessings can cause a burn that would pain us with a sorrowful surprise.

Beloved Child, allow Him to cool certain aspects down in your life. The heat of the world isn’t with what you need to approach your blessing. A worldly view to a Godly blessing will definitely cause friction. God intends blessings in our lives and He would definitely release them when we come to a point of visioning why He wants these blessings to fill our lives.

Let things cool, the best and the right is prepared and set for you. In just a matter of time, when the heat of anxieties and impatience cool down, then your blessing will flaunt in its full glory. Till the door is widely open, laugh and giggle with Him. He just loves loving on you and when you let yourself be overtaken by His act, you will forget your need. But, HE WILL NOT!


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