Dark Fridays to Wake Up Sundays

In the midst of dark Fridays:
The earth quakes 
The grave shakes 
Veil tears from top to bottom 
A “thief” enters paradise 
Forgiveness is lavished
Settles scores
And someone has to declare, “Truly, the Son of God has got this”. 

Saturdays look dull and dead even more. But Sunday! We know in advance, those dark days are fading away because the clock is ticking to unfold Sunday!

*On Sunday* He wakes up
Conquers death
Stone is rolled away
Heaven is open
Cooks for his beloved disciples
Talks to them
Commissions them 
The Power that rose Jesus from the death is *NOW* working in US. *God! He lives inside US!*

So tell your *mountains- “jump into the sea”*
Tell your *storms: “be still”*
Tell your *dead: “come out”*
Tell your *sickness: “be healed”*
Tell your *sins: “where is your sting now?”*

He is Alive – Forever more! *He reigns – Now, tomorrow and eternally!* Nothing else is permanent but His WORD and Goodness alone!

#HeisAlive #ResurrectionDay #Risen

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