Abraham & Isaac = Obedience

Isaac wasn’t a small boy when he was being taken to sacrifice. He was close to 36 to 37 years old young man. 

(Sarah died soon after this incident and she was 127 years old) –  Read Genesis 23.
We as young children were taught to portray Isaac as a small boy. The only question we see in the bible that Isaac asked Abraham was, “Father, where is the Lamb that we need to sacrifice to God?” (Genesis 22: 7). If Isaac was a small boy, there would have been n number of questions coming from a toddler; which isn’t the case here.
Now a 36/37 years old man could have easily overtaken or overpowered his old father, in the matter of having a will of not wanting to be sacrificed. But he didn’t. Isaac was unshakable submissive to everything that Abraham believed in. He knew that His Dad cannot hear God wrong. This young man had a close relationship with Abraham. And Abraham, not for once failed to impart in him faith of blindly trusting this God.
Faith in Abraham was begotten in Isaac. 
Similarly, Jesus was also obedient to His Father. He portrayed a total submission to everything that His Father wanted. The moment God saw the obedience of Abraham and Isaac, the Triune God confirmed and notarized yours and my salvation act. There was no turning back for them (God-Head)!
Maybe we should seek the Holy Spirit to *give our all* for this Lover, Maker and Saviour! When we do that, with faith that has no strings attached, we would not just be amazed at the Lamb of providence, but also the light that shines out from people who lived a hopeless life.

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