Sacredness isn’t something ethereal and beyond reach.

God became man through a woman, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit makes it sacred but in the most normal, human, and ordinary way. It’s not about the ecstatic experiences.

The King of Peace breathed his first breath in the scruffiest surrounding. That’s the sacredness God wants us to see.

You breathe LOVE, when everything around you is hate.

You breathe FORGIVENESS, when everything around is betrayal.

You breathe GRACE, when everything around is condemnation.

You GIVE lavishly, when everything around is close-fisted.

All because He did it first; and glory was his portion! Resurrection was his moment; and honour was his applause.

You and I are children of this great Father, co-heirs with Christ and the temple of the Holy Spirit. We have a skill to look at chaos and say with boldness (that the blood of Jesus bestows on us):

“Let there be light”


  1. I love the simplicity and yet powerful words in this post! Our God is the God of the impossible – he uses the ordinary for his purposes…


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