Reflect Jesus | Quit Abuse & Disrespect

To the #men, brothers, #fathers, uncles – what makes you who are the most honorable beings to even think that you could #abuse your mothers, sisters, #wives, aunties? How?

Do you even think it’s manly! Oh, wait I am not talking to every man out there.

Human beings can go to the extent of being beasts and do the unimaginable brutality to another. I am talking to the men who have been #raised in good families. To the men who have tasted and seen that the Lord is good. To the educated and well settled. To the prayerful, to the church goers, to the #baptized, the #born-again, the prophets, the very good pictured guys.- I am talking to you !!! 

Where is your #manhood? How do you let it fade away by #torturing and #mistreating your wives at home? How can you degrade your God given identity by being abusive physically and use perverted words? What pleasure do you get by causing fear to that very woman who has left everything for you and is willing to stay by your side, thick and thin! Moreover, how dare you throw hopeless names at the parents who raised this lady and gave her away to you?

I am sharing something a precious brother in Christ had said: “A man who finds a #wife finds #favor” (Proverbs 18: 22)
Oh Man! That favor is God’s tender heart.

You mess with your woman; you mess imperially with your favour.

You see no good or breakthrough when you can’t embrace your woman with the Love of God. Take it from me- you will be a zero all your life. Dominating men will never win respect by their women. Even if she submits to your excruciatingly horrifying behavior, her cry is always before the Lord. You hurt The King’s daughter -you muddle with your abundant supply.

Oh #Sister#Ladies, #Wives, Women! Thou art loosed! You are called to cover your man! You are called to build him up. You are called to strengthen him when he wears off. You are called to obey Him!

You must hold on to him, and never compare your precious husband with another. You have a unique man and you are called to daily speak promises from the Word of God into His life. Treat him with unconditional love. Because when you honour Him, you honour Christ, who is His head. Yes, there are moments when it’s difficult to love a man who might not match your expectations- but that endurance will pay off. Because Jesus died and paid the price. So hold on! Your man doesn’t need to push your trolley and be your houseboy. Let him to have his freedom. Don’t do things that make him feel utterly rejected by you. Take time and make time to spend in the presence of God.

Let your life shine light that creates more hunger in him for His Maker. A lioness guards her territory including the Lion! We, women in Christ are called to guard our men in prayer by being submissive to him.

Submission means a lot of relaxed fruitfulness. You are the mother, and if your children has to be blessed with the gift of obedience, you better receive grace from God to obey your husband in a manner He wants you to.

Man and woman

Marriage is a covenant – A covenant that the enemy wants to distort so that it dilutes your faith and joy in the Lord. Choice is yours! Would you let the devil or would you let the Great I AM, be the center of your marriage and your walk with God.

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