His Word – Yeshua

Every time God said, “Let there be”, something that never existed before came into being.

Moreover, after every creation, time was set in place which eventually turned out to day one, two and so forth.

This all knowing God who is never bound by time, didn’t create everything on this earth all at once. One day he called forth the sky out of endless waters, and the next day he called forth another set of water pools to distinguish between the land and sea.
He took time and after every creation happened – He took pleasure in them! In His pleasure and contentment He said: “It is good”.
The Word that brought forth every creation from unseen to seen, is nothing or none but Jesus. His Word is a person not a thing, it or something. God has lavishly poured forth His Word (Jesus) into our lives.

The Holy Spirit reminds of the Word and helps us speak them to create anything that didn’t exist before spoken over. 

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