Our Uniqueness is Jesus!

Recently a very close and lovely friend of mine told me that any photo, in which he is there, turns out to be bad. Anger arouse inside me to the manner in which the enemy has convinced him with this lie.

I had to be very firm and tell him, “This should be the last time you are going to confess something like this to me”. Assuring him later of how precious he is as a Child of God, got me thinking on something a little deeper.

I must confess, I was taken aback at the confidence of his confession. He believed this lie so much that he had no qualms about voicing it out to a friend. Well, aren’t many of us there? Maybe, we may not tell it to our friends, fearing that it might tear us up. But, how many times do we face a challenge of inferiority complex and battle that within ourselves? We give so much importance to our external appearance thinking that is what matters for anyone to approve us! I believed that for years, ever since I had freckles on my face, people really didn’t know if they should say, “You are pretty, so beautiful..” Did it hurt? Yes, I saw people or rather friends right in front of me say to another person with fair and spotless skin, “She’s so pretty yea?”; and not even bother to say, “your outfit is wonderful”. Now, these are not everybody. These are the only people that I have framed within my “craving for a good comment from” area. While many others would genuinely tell me how beautiful I look; I would focus on these exclusive women and men, countable ones, to pass those words that my ears are aching to hear.

As a person, I cannot help but see stunning beauty in every person that I come across, unless they show this irritable proud attitude, which I still struggle to overlook. Over the past 11 years of being in the Lord, God has taught me or rather numbed my craving for appreciation from a set of people. Yes, there are moments I do wish, but the Spirit of God quickly leads me out of that. He does not allow me to dwell in what people can offer me with their good comments. How? He whispers His Love to me.

Not just appearance, but in many areas we fail to understand that we are the excellence of God. We tend to think we aren’t competent or enough!

Comparisons always kill joy, because no one compares a masterpiece. You are the Masterpiece of God!


A masterpiece is something that you would never find anything similar to. Each one of us is a dazing masterpiece of God. More than anyone else being convinced of it, we need to be. Unless, we know how much God loves us, we cannot embrace ourselves like He does. And, unless we love ourselves wholly, we will never ever love anyone genuinely, un-expectantly and everlastingly.

Here is something that helped me to overcome torments of hurt towards self. Proclaiming this aloud many at times have let me step into the truth of how God views me. Identity in Christ is our strong weapon against the enemy’s lies. He shouldn’t ever again dare to come and enchant us like he did with Eve. We may take longer to have deliverance grip us, but untiringly proclaiming who God is and who we are in Christ, loosens the enemy’s power over our lives.
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  1. This reminds me of the Dove commercial where people describe themselves to artists, and then a stranger describes them to the same artist and the pictures are drastically different. We are always hardest on ourselves. We have to pray to see ourselves the way God sees us.

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  2. Comparison truly steals our joy and looking to others to find our worth will only leave us sad and lonely. I think as a woman I have struggled with self-image for as long as I can remember. I can look into a mirror and find a million things I don’t like about myself. Thank you for the reminder today that I am God’s masterpiece. I am striving to be better about seeing myself the way God sees me.

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  3. I agree, especially with social media. I am guilty of sometimes wanting only the best picture. Sometimes I have to take a moment to remind myself that I don’t need to be looking my best. After all God loves me just exactly the way I am. In the morning, day and night =)


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