He didn’t come – Part 2

After Jesus publicly spoke well of John , He also says: “…… Yet the one who is least in the kingdom of God is greater than he.”” (‭‭Luke‬ ‭7:28‬ ). Jesus is highlighting humility. The God instilled and driven humility flows from a heart that is free from bitterness, a heart that decides to love whether expectations are met or not, and a heart wilfully surrendering to God in the good and bad circumstances of life. Ask your “whys?” Pour them out in tears, but in the end like David, always rest by saying, “His love ENDURES forever” (Psalm 136). This love in us endures and thanks God, in the core of delays and mountainous problems. This love ceases from complaining and comparing. This love moves forward with hope unfailing, because of the Power of the Holy Spirit within. Love solves problems by helping you focus on the Solution – Jesus; and dimming your eyes to everything this world says is true, right and correct.

Jesus places a crown on everyone who overcomes. We overcome by not yielding to a perception of a trial free life. But, conquering them even if it means to throw our dreams and life into the pit of the swords of false accusations and beheading circumstances. When Stephen was stoned to death, his face glowed with joy and the brilliance of the Lord (Acts 6: 15). You will see the glory of Yeshua IN the centre of your struggles, wilderness, waiting and issues. Whichever form the glory comes in, God will prepare you in advance for it; if you surrender and have a yielded heart.
It was in the midst of eating the same manna, wearing the same clothes and slippers, hearing the same complaints and murmurings, Moses asked God to show His Glory to him. When I face an issue, even the smallest one, I would only ask God to take it away quickly. At that point of time, I personally fail to ask God to show off His glory. His glory is His presence. “Lord take this back away, I can’t go through this any more, heal my child, do something new in my life….. “ are the most common quick and repetitive prayers we pray. It takes encounters in the wilderness to pray, “Lord I want to see Your face, I will not move from here unless You go with me, show me your glory”. It’s in the waiting we hear Him whisper to us, “Will you be my friend?” ( Exodus 33: 11).

Now you might tell that Moses never saw the promised land because of his anger. So what he strived for, never happened (Numbers 20: 12). God wasn’t good enough to keep that promise to Moses. If you read the book of Matthew, chapter 17, you will see that at the mount of transfiguration, two people were talking to Jesus, Moses and Elijah. The Mt. Of transfiguration was in the promised land. Isn’t God Good? The very place Moses was refused to step into, is where he ministered to Jesus.

God is so good, and only He alone can orchestrate moments in our lives where we can shine forth His glory by having a covenanted and dedicated relationship with Him. The Potter breaks only to perfectly build an undimmed and refined pottery. In the midst of His breaking His intentions and desires will never be biased or destructive, but for a good hope and future.

When gold is put in fire, and if there are impurities, they float on the surface and only the pure gold sinks to the bottom. There are bloated sins and impurities in each of us which we may never recognize in the mist of our busyness and choruses. God takes a deviation route from the normal, only so that we sink our All in His All, while everything that’s not of His are separated to float in the surface and are discarded. Our ultimate desire isn’t to focus on if God’s fulfilling His promises, but to be restored back into the Glory of God. “For all have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God” (Romans 3: 23). Sin is not on what we do or don’t do, it’s a state that God has ‘saved’ us from, and ‘is transforming’ us from, to Himself. Sometimes, our shortcoming would be in the way we view ourselves. Even though we know that Moses was an angry man, but He wrote about himself confidently, “Now Moses was a very humble man, more humble than anyone else on the face of the earth” (Numbers 12: 3). This wasn’t self-obsession, but a confession on how much He understood on the value and viewing that God placed on his life. When we truly let God help us capture the significance He has already placed on us, our actions will speak “Glory”, louder than any of our words.


No matter what you are going through, the One who has gained the ultimate victory over death and loss resides in you. With Him, there is nothing that is going to be impossible to pass over. He parted the Red Sea, and won battles for Israel without them being in the battle ground. His Word is true and when you have gone through whatever is intended for your training phase, this promise will come alive and you will rise like phoenix bird. “One who breaks open the way will advance before them; they will break out, pass through the gate, and leave by it. Their King will pass through before them, the Lord as their leader” (Micah 2:13). He will open doors that will flood His presence of possibilities and greatness into your life. How will He do it? You and I need to trust Him enough, to leave it to Him. If He restored David from his sinfulness, opened Sarah’s womb, made Hannah sing a song of joy, breathed into Mary’s womb, and rose from the dead; then, there needs to be an inexhaustible hope engraved in our hearts, with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Go through this life as a passenger with that assurance. Know His will! You are a child of God and He will reveal His plans for your life when you seek Him. When He reveals His plans and purposes He also equips you to go through whatever it takes to accomplish those plans and purposes.

“But my horn [my emblem of strength and power] You have exalted like that of a wild ox; I am anointed with fresh oil [for Your service]” (PSALM 92:10 AMP)


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