Be the Miracle

When the four friends dug a roof to lower their paralyzed friend to where Jesus was, the miracle was complete. We THINK that only when this man heard Jesus, “I tell you, get up, take your mat and go home!” (Mark 2:11), that’s when the miracle happened.

No! The miracle started the moment the four friends came together for their sinful friend and said, “we are taking his case to Jesus- the Only Solution”. Their love was so intense that they were ready to make a mess and do the unusual. Why do I call him a sinful friend? Because, Jesus brings it up. There could have been straying, disobedience or evil done by this man; which could have been the reason for his paralysis. In those times, it was firmly believed that paralysis and sickness were all because of a person’s sinfulness. In many instances, Jesus heals the person by saying, “your sins are forgiven”. Due to guilt and sin, there are people who suffer from paralytic attack. After the forgiveness of sin, a divine strength rushed down into his paralyzed body.

Sometimes the wrong choices we make could land us up in a dungeon where from on, everything is so stagnant and nothing seems to give any hope for betterment. In the midst of such a state, love showed up in the form of four friends. Ask God to bring you friends who will pull you out, through prayer and love, from the paralysis states of your life.

Friends, who were willing to love, willing to go an extra-mile, willing to be troubled and uncomfortable, willing to take the risk and willing to stand up in unity for one solid answer. It was their thoughtfulness towards this man, which set the miracle on high pedestrian. Love alone is the miracle. In an act and atmosphere of divine love, sins are washed away and miracles flaunt God’s glory. Love is the miracle. God is love. God is your miracle. Jesus saw their faith (Mark 2: 5a), and was moved to bringing restoration to the lost health in his body.

In case, you have prayed and there isn’t anyone from whom you can expect great love, then always remember, Jesus is your best friend and He never stops praying and working for your goodness.


When His love begins to overwhelm, and overflow genuinely for another; Red Sea have to part, strongholds have to crumble down, mountains have to be thrown into the sea, grave cannot hold up to Life, and sin’s sting is wrathfully kissed goodbye!

Maybe, we need to stand in the gap for our friends that are struggling with paralysis internally. Their depression and lack of value would be tormenting them, they might need the encouragement to let go their old habits, or they might need the love of Christ in you. Not one single friend God has given you is having enough, and will come to a place where they aren’t in need of the solution that your companionship can offer. As long as they are in your life, keep them uplifted in prayers. You never know how much your love could bring miracles that they have waited on for so long. Even if their choices aren’t Godly and good, be a friend to them that Jesus has been to you; purely and out-rightly without expectations.

“I have laid down my life for my friends” (John 15: 13). If not for this true, dependable and genuine friend (Jesus), many of us would have collapsed and given up yesterday. Some of us would never have had people that helped us to keep going through and shine bright. But, that’s never an excuse for us not to be one. There are people around, who are going through something worse or similar to yours. But, if YOU, child of the Loving God, would choose to be Jesus, who told the thief on his right, “Today you will be with me in paradise”(Luke 23: 43), while bleeding to death; it will bring immense hope of comfort, and assurance, that their trials are impermanent compared to the glory which will clothe them in no time, up to eternity.

Also, remember it is God who blessed the paralytic man with friends of such tremendous faith. He alone deserves the honor for using people in our lives who loves us immensely and genuinely. If God was mindful of this paralytic man and gave him not one, but four friends, those who went over and above their norms; how much more for YOU! Whom He delightfully calls, “My Child”. Sometimes, friends are lacking, only because He wants to occupy that place. Because, no friend can bring the goodness and the greatness of God like Jesus would, into your life. Again, just because many haven’t stood up for you, it is no excuse for you to back out on others who need you. Jesus did, and that’s all the reason that counts beyond anything else. If you had friends who have been by your side always, I think heaven’s headlights are on you, to be a source of comfort and the solution of Christ to many others. You have to make a choice and step out to be one. Regularly being in His Presence, flights you to someone who is in utter hopelessness.

Be the hope, be the friend and be the miracle of Jesus. Be the set of friends who will lead people to take up their life to Jesus, and go back to their whereabouts with God Himself. Our only role as friends to fellow believers and the brokenhearted is to ensure that we love and lead them to be whole and satisfied in Christ alone.


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  1. It’s so important to sow into friendships. I’ve moved a lot as a kid, so I didn’t have solid relationships in my life growing up. But one day, I decided to pray for friends and then God provided three amazing women in my life! Friendships are crucial to not only our wellbeing, but also to our relationship with Christ. Because He works through our friends, teaching us how to have a healthy relationship not just with them, but also with Him!

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    • yes … that’s so encouraging … I used to complain a lot about not having friends who care or at least ask “how you doing”?
      Today I stand realizing that many failed to be a good friend to Jesus too and those who were, abandoned Him at the cross. But He never for once failed to be a good, loving, caring and compassionate friend. If He did it as a human, then grace abounds much for us to be like Him..


  2. This is so beautiful! And such a precious reminder that every acquaintance, friend, was ordained for us to be a miracle. (No matter the situation) We have been given a mission, to break through the roof to get our friend to Jesus! Thank you for your word! It’s truly touched my heart!

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