Two Voices

“God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” I Peter 5:5


Pride tells me, “get even with Cold War”;
Humility tells me, “keep no record of wrongs”.

Pride tells me, “they are not fair”;
Humility tells me, “my reward comes from God”.

Pride tells me, “rebel against their likes”;
Humility tells me, “take ‘one more’ extra mile”

Pride tells me, “You should be done being nice”;
Humility tells me, “loving like Jesus is in your blood.

Pride tells me, “they make you feel so low”;
Humility tells me, “Everlasting Love lifts you up”

Pride tells me, “Never trust people”;
Humility tells me, “trust God and be compassionate”.

Pride tells me, “You can do it your way that signifies your individuality”;
Humility tells me, “following God’s will favors you and glorifies Him”

Pride tells me, “Stay within your circle of friends”.
Humility tell me, “Reach out and make others feel special”.

Pride tells me, “You have done so much for ingratitude”;
Humility tells me, “God is enabling you to do good, and give without measure”.

Pride tells me, “please people with ingenuity and flattery”;
Humility tells me, “if you love you will correct, rebuke, admonish and confront with boldness”.

Pride tells me, “react now”;
Humility tells me, “respond later but with love”.

Pride tells me, “give into pressure”;
Humility tells me, “throw them at the feet of Jesus”.

Pride echoes, “What will they think?”
Humility whispers, “be seasoned with the flavors of the fruit of the Spirit.”

Pride tells me, “Your pain is huge and make it Your idol”;
Humility tells me, “choose God for He took away your pain.”

Pride tells me, “talk about the negativity”;
Humility tells me, “talk His Word loud and clear”.

Pride tells me, “You will drown in this relationship”;
Humility tells me, “it’s Godly to love when you feel unloved by that person”.

Pride tell me, “There is no one to encourage me”,
Humility tells me, “You can do all things in Jesus”.

Pride tells me, “Since you are not perfect don’t even try”,
Humility tells me, “You are already excellent, so strive not for perfection”.

Pride asks me, “How dare they talk to me anyhow?”
Humility tells me, “Your defense is Christ, wait for Him to resolve this”’

Pride tells me, “It’s okay to be insensitive to their minute feelings”
Humility tells me, “Do unto others what you want them to do to you”

Pride tells me, “don’t invite them, they don’t matter”;
Humility tells me, “consider yourself not above anyone else”,

Pride provokes me, “Forgive, but disconnect”
Humility stirs me, “Keep praying for the person till you reconnect in God’s love for each other”


The chief reason to why Lucifer the archangel was kicked out of heaven was because of Pride. See, pride was not created by the devil, or rather pride isn’t authorized by the devil. The ugly side of pride was something he chose. Even the angels were given a choice. A choice of choosing their Master, their Ruler and their King. But, pride that focused on self-gratification blinded him from an eternal marvelous bonding with God.

Listening to this pride-filled being, the fall drew its red carpet. Many of us irrespective of knowing the danger of pride still choose it, because the focus is on us, our hurts, our beliefs, our betrayals, our lose, our standards, our likes, our reputation, our glory, our appraisals and our ideas. Can we all chill it out and know that this whole bit stinks to the nostrils of God. Now that doesn’t mean your negative pathways of hurt don’t matter. Yes, our pain matters so much. But, humble people will yield to God, to teach them how to cast their cares on Him. He promises elevation and we don’t have to strive for it. He promises greatness to be our fruit, and we don’t have to fight for it. He promises to win our battles and we don’t have to belittle another. He promises to add value to us while we don’t stop adding value to the simple, sidelined and overlooked set of people. Yet, our pride causes us to choose the top floored celebrities, fair-skinned, talented, happening set of individuals, because we think their view is better without realizing that Jesus opens the vision of a blind man, causes the mute to hear and the dead to live again.


Moving on with all the hurt, pain, frustrations and cautions isn’t moving on at all. Only humility helps us to move on with smile, love, compassion and excellence. Why choose to be humble? Because, in humility we will know how near God is to us than in any other state. In casting our burdens to Him, we know how extremely faithful He is, than any other moment. In choosing love amidst dishonor, we know how capable we are in Christ than our degree certificates and applause. In doing the mundane with a joyful heart, will open our eyes to see how God solves the puzzles for a greater glory.

Let us be a sweet aroma to Him, and not a stinking carpet with all the stains of self-absorbed emotions and feelings. It’s never too late to forsake pride. If anytime there is tick on it by the Holy Spirit, all He wants from you is to submit. So that He can soothe you with His love songs and calm you to understand that you are about Him and His alone.


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  1. “In doing the mundane with a joyful heart, will open our eyes to see how God solves the puzzles for a greater glory.” I love this. Joy is found even in the mundane moments and if we choose to see the beauty in them, we see an amazing God at work.


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