Time to Wash the Spit

“…He spat on the ground and made clay with the saliva; and He anointed the eyes of the blind man with the clay. And He said to him, “Go, wash in the pool of Siloam” (which is translated, Sent). So he went and washed, and came back seeing.” – John 9: 6-7

When Jesus justified this man by saying that his blindness has nothing to do with his sin or his folk’s; He brought back worth and meaning to him in front of others.

But a little later what He does is quiet alarming and simply gruesome; at least when many are still clueless, if this Jesus is a mere man or Son of God. I wonder how many of us would tolerate someone’s spit on our shoes, let alone the face or eyes. Jesus mixes his spittle with mud and daubs on this man’s eyes. To make it even more disturbing, he tells this blind man to go and wash himself at the pool of Siloam. I wish He had one his disciples sent to accompany this man to the pool. Maybe He did say, but since it’s not recorded specifically, we could partially be sure the blind man had to go himself.

This story is so profound and so needed for many of us who ask, why couldn’t Jesus say a Word and bring instant healing than all these hassles.  

The pool of Siloam, during the time of Nehemiah was known as the King’s pool.

“God when you have come so near why is my miracle taking so long? Why do I have to go wash, wait and keep quiet when I have already gone through such sightless evil?” When Jesus said, “You will have trouble/ struggle/ challenge/ persecution/ injustice… in this world. But TAKE HEART, I have overcome the world” (John 16: 33); it was a gracious instruction of love, that highlighted we have to give up our right to distrust. TAKE your HEART and lift it to the One who can lavish joy, peace and strength to overcome the evil, irritations, frustrations and injustice.

We will be spat at, and daubed with mud for no fault of ours. We would get condemned for the right intentions and actions. We would be misunderstood in the midst of people who call themselves slaves of Christ. We would be going through a blind tunnel that shows no ray of light. We would be taunted with the past decisions of foolishness. To make matters worse, we would be asked to do tasks that we have zero clue about. Go with all these to the KING’s pool. Go wash them in His Overflowing Presence. Keep scrubbing till that last bit of mud is off your eyes, heart, and thoughts. Cry, get angry, lean and throw it all at His feet. All of these could happen and the bible says, Jesus anointed his eyes with the mixture of mud. Some of these pain, dirt, hurt, misunderstandings, and lack of support are all anointing from the throne of grace.

Open your eyes, only when you are totally done giving it all. You will then, not see the dark, but the light; not the problem, but the solution; not the mountain, but the Helper; not the debt, but His glorious riches; not the rejection, but His significance on you; not the pain, but His promise.


Not all miracles happen instantly, but in His miraculous way and time. You and I can be sure, if we have done all to get to His presence and lay all those trash there, we won’t be the same. That blind man could have asked, “Are you serious?!”. He gestured not an ounce of distrust or pride. He could have not gone to the pool, and wiped the clay off his eyes and walked away. He could have murmured or bad mouthed on his way. He did nothing but stayed focused to getting himself to the pool of Siloam; irrespective of those hindrances on his way.

Hindrances? People would have stopped him with sympathy, negativity, delay, or mockery. He had to bring those painful moments to the subjection of the One who applied the spittle and the mud on his eyes, and continue walking.

This is Kingdom life. This is the Kingdom style. This is royalty. This is abundance. This is healing in totality. This is the glory and there is a blessing that we will receive when we are willing to wash off the trash ONLY in the pool of His presence. It’s not our effort, but a simple willingness to take Him for HIS WORD. Yes, we aren’t God to pardon all that nonsense, to love like He does, to forgive and forget. But, just by taking Him for His Word and trusting that this is for His glory and our wholeness, will empower us to walk all the way to the pool even when the darkness has blinded, overwhelmed, troubled and devastated us.

Be assured Child of God, when you seek to do what He says in your blindness, you will not come back the same, but with His miraculous light reflecting in every area of your life. Those areas of shame, despair, lack and pain will have to leave in His Presence. Are you willing to give it to Him who knows how to eradicate your blindness, and dirt? Or, will you lean onto the drops of man’s love, support, encouragement and concern?

If Hannah had frustratingly replied to Eli, Samuel wouldn’t have been born. If Joseph had not fled from the Potiphar’s wife, Israelites would have never rested in the famine. If Ruth wasn’t persistent, redemption lineage would not have been formed. If David didn’t embrace God’s acceptance, Goliath would have ruled a Holy Nation. If Elijah never prayed, rain wouldn’t have touched a parched ground. These aren’t superheroes, like Spiderman, ironman or the hulk. They were all people just like each one of us, but pouring their miserableness to God alone.


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