The Goodness of His Sovereignty

Sovereign Over Us

We can never understand the sovereignty of God. Even when we question it, the answer wouldn’t satisfy our aching heart or logical minds.

But, this Sovereign God, who allows the storms; silences it; who tells you to wait; redeems your time, who allows the loss; shows up as a restorer. He is GOOD, FAITHFUL, PERFECT, KING of kings, and SAVIOR.

His sovereign plans are significantly purposeful. “Whatever the Lord pleases, he does, in heaven and on earth, in the seas and all deeps.” Psalms 135:6. His pleasures are never to intend harm, but to cleanse or sanctify or for a purpose we wouldn’t be able to rationalize. It will always be for glory to glory.

The men who build their house on a rock and the other on sand; both had to face the storm. Our house is our faith. How are we building our faith? On those mere temporary, tingling desires of this world, on our exaggerations or white lies, on our friends, on our inheritances? Or on His Word, which never fades away even if the Heaven and earth vapors?

Does our faith topple down when we have no clue how the next month our rent is going to be paid? When our children delay in speaking? When that job is taking every ounce of our life? When our visa delays? When that interview call takes longer than expected? When unexpectedly that traumatic incident happens? When our Father’s answer to prayer is not a YES?

The reality of Pain is beyond explanation, so is the Goodness of a Sovereign God.

When He allows evil, doesn’t mean He is evil. When He shows mercy to someone who deserves punishment, doesn’t mean He is not just. When He let Lazarus die, it doesn’t mean that He isn’t powerful. When He endured the cross, it doesn’t mean He is not the Eternal King.

The sovereignty of God is evident in the immeasurable blessings He showers, and in the storms He allows. We don’t deserve that prodigal grace lavished at the cross. Again, God’s Sovereign plans are out of His great love for each one of us. This same love will continue to uphold us to stay in His will when we are on the mountaintop or in the valley.


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