Good Offender

The prevalent offender of all times, ages and seasons is Jesus.

An unshakable trust in this offender with our flesh, mind, will, emotions and beliefs invites us to share in a glory, not worth comparison to this world.

He offends the wisdom/logic of this world, He offends the comforts of this world, He offends the plans of this world, He offends the attractions of this world, He offended death and He surely offends the grandeur of this world.

This offender will only compose circumstances for our good, pleasure and prosperity. Let go off the affronts that come your way deliberately or unintentionally. If the wrongdoings are abusive and harmful; scale over it; come out of it, in the presence of His love. But when He is causing you to stumble; when He offends your desires; trust Him, believe that it is for your transformation. Like the mother eagle that offends her chicks with constant pokes; this good offender crushes to bring a delightful definiteness in us.

He is a STONE of stumbling and a ROCK of offense, to the very thing in us, that gets enticed by the fruits, which we are always not given permission to taste. An obedient heart towards Him, will always gain us more than our desires. 

“as it is written, “Behold, I am laying in Zion a stone of stumbling, and a rock of offense; and whoever BELIEVES in Him, WILL NOT be put to shame.”” Romans 9:33


He is Holy HIS WORD Obedience Waiting

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  1. Brillaint blog and much needed voice for our times.

    Yeshua was the greatest rebel this world has see n. He gave no room for hypocrisy. Hence, He keeps chiselling away all that is of this world…from us.

    This Stone will be an obstacle and of no value to those who want everything through shortcuts, to be painless and before time . But to those who trusts in Him, He is truly the Chief Cornerstone. Unbreakable relationship!!!🙌

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