From a car to a Home

“Lift up your eyes on high And see who has created these heavenly bodies, The One who brings out their host by number, He calls them all by name; Because of the greatness of His might and the strength of His power, Not one is missing.” ISAIAH 40:26

What a powerful God we serve! We trust Him only because He is mighty and powerful. His might caused Him to take our filth upon Himself and His power conquered the grave.

Some of us are so vanquished by our circumstances that we doubt if God has any power at all for deliverance.

The other day a friend told us that he ran out of everything and finally came to a point where he didn’t have a place to stay. So with pain, but also with joy he decided to stay in his car. That’s when a friend of his called and told him to come over to his place not knowing anything at all. Discovering the reality a little later, he and his family arranged one of their rooms for our friend to stay. That’s the power of God manifested for those of us who trust him even when we know we are losing it all.

We think of God’s power well if he is able to smash our boss, magically make our debt dues become zero, cause our first job offer to have a $4000 salary, teach our mothers-in-law a good lesson, and transfer people we don’t like to other places or even terminate them. Of course, God can do all of these. But He will not do anything that compromises His purity, integrity and love for us.

If He holds the stars in place, knows them by name and His word is speeder than the speed of light; then He is displaying His power every millisecond into our lives. His power will help us endure in troubles, experience peace in turmoil and lend to the needy when we have our loans are standing tall. His power is displayed when we are so tight yet do not borrow; when we are so down, yet wake up every morning to serve our families. His power is made perfect when we pray for everyone who hurt us; when we trust Him in the midst of many saying there is no hope.

His power will be revealed if we are unwavering to live His Word. From a car to a home; God has His power working to turn the smallest desires into reality, and to melt our highest mountains.



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