Faith = Faithfulness

I was confessing the specific promises that God had been speaking so clearly and constantly; through His Word. As I began, I was very excited. I knew that I knew that I knew, it was God. But, after sometime, I felt anxiety creep in like never before.

Have you been there? Where, you have received a Word for your situation, so apt and clear; yet you have no clue why you have butterfly sickness take over your wholeness?
Things don’t change just like a magic wand wave, after a payer. Those realities snarl at you, making sure you feel like a loser for praying. They get your heart heavy again, murmur again, be offended again, and wounded again. Suddenly, the faithful promises of God look small compared to the challenges, struggles and pain.

Little did I know, I wasn’t confessing the Word, but I was chanting it. Chanting with a subtle style that made me feel I was bringing light into my situation and thought patterns.

Why did I say chanting? Because, confessions require faith. Chanting, doesn’t and can be depicted in the most eloquent manner. I lacked – FAITH. In the book of Hebrews, from the start to the end we see nothing else magnified like Faith. Yes, faith comes by hearing the Word of God. But, how many of you agree, that literally faith doesn’t come just by hearing the Word. So, I got fully upset and cried aloud in my prayers and told God, “You haven’t given me enough faith else I wouldn’t have my mind so restless and pitiful”. And, after a moment I heard my mouth whisper something and I had to say it a little loudly so that it would dawn on me; “You haven’t been faithful”.

Abraham was a man of Faith, because He was Faithful to the One who asked him to leave everything. David was a man after God’s own heart because He was Faithful to the One who rescued his sheep from the lion and the bear. Joseph was the ruler, because He was Faithful to the One who opened His inner eyes to see visions and dreams.

Yes, faith comes to those who are willingly living a life of faithfulness to God. Hearing, the Word of God, means putting those Words you have heard from Him, into action / practice / meditation. To such, the winds and waves will stay still; to such, the red sea has to part; to such, the Jericho wall has to crumble down. To such, the grave will show itself empty. To such, the resurrection power will manifest. To such, the Father in Heaven will look and say, “Well done my Good and Faithful Servant”. So, we cannot always stay as baby Christians, and say anything we do or be doesn’t matter. “God knows our heart”. We are called into a new life, to rise, to take steps forward into maturity. Only maturity keeps us experiencing the promises of God. It is maturing in the Word of God, that helps us stay Faithful and emit FAITH that pleasures the Father’s heart.

You might be asking, what about many of those people in ministry? They don’t live a life of faithfulness, but of greed, envy and pride. Yet, when they lay hands, people get healed. When they pray, they can prophecy accurately. We shouldn’t look at people who do so well in ministry, and determine whether we have to live a life of Faithfulness or not. We choose faithfulness, because it is impossible to live a life that Heaven destined, without Faith.

Our daily desires, actions and momentum, determine how faithful we are to the unnoticeable things that God placed into our lives. Those little steps, those tiny disciplinary actions, those bold rejections towards the attractiveness of this world; those embraces of love, when self-vengeance wants to show up; those initiatives to let go things into His hands; all of these, add bricks of faith to build a house on the Rock. A faithless person; a person who will listen to the word, and then falls to every tantrums of challenges, will never have a trust to move mountains. I say this with confidence, because I have fallen immensely in this area, where I would lose my cool for little things. I would not trust, when God says, give up. I would embrace worry always. I would complain when somethings don’t go well. Even though I read the bible most of the days; I would let circumstances decide my actions than the Word of God. So, to such a person where is the GIFT of Faith going to show up? Only to the Faithful in little, will glorious Faith show up.

God has given all of us something so profound; and when we are faithful to what He has already given us; that’s when His kind of faith starts to stream into every cell of our being. With that kind of Faith, like Elijah, you can pray and see Heaven open up to answer. Faithfulness is the key.

When we are faithful in the unseen; mountains have to move in the seen. When we are faithful in the dark, the chaos will be eradicated in the Light.

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Without Faith, it’s impossible to please God. Only a person who stays faithful can operate in miracle working faith. What do I mean by operating in faith? Well, it doesn’t mean you wouldn’t have to go through that surgery. You wouldn’t experience that loss; or you wouldn’t face challenges. But a person with Faith; isn’t shallow, isn’t grumpy or wimpy and doesn’t stay victimized. This person is sure, that God is a rewarder for their uncompromising faithfulness. Their joy doesn’t fade and the promises God has over their lives will come to pass. Yes, they will feel the emotions of fear, worry, and doubt; but a faithful person doesn’t settle into it. Such people wouldn’t need anyone to come and lift them up. They are like David who strengthened himself in the Lord. They are like trees planted by the riverside. Their leaves shall not wither and will be fruitful in all seasons.

Faithfulness, a virtue; never trade for anything this world offers. And, towards none, but Him.

But without faith it is impossible to [walk with God and] please Him, for whoever comes [near] to God must [necessarily] believe that God exists and that He rewards those who [earnestly and diligently] seek Him – Hebrews 11: 6

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