The Wardrobe of my Heart

Therefore, whether we are at home [on earth] or away from home [and with Him], it is our [constant] ambition to be pleasing to Him – 2 Corinthians 5: 9

Imagine, you do so much to clear the mess in your wardrobe. Kept it in order, and one fine day, in a rush takes something out, not gently, and the whole order lands up on the ground. What a waste of time! So short the impact of arranging many things in order! Imagine you helped your sibling to set up theirs, and after a while you see a bigger mess. I wonder how many of you will find that fun.

Then it hit me hard. How many times God rubs me clean, and I land up in the same mess, same thought patterns and same conversations that displeases Him? The same attitude? The same unproductive activities? The wardrobe of my heart is arranged so well with His Blood and Word. It takes me hardly a second to crumble all of that down into the entanglement of not prioritizing HIM. Failing to see the log in my own eyes, and then the gentleness of God coming forth to convict, was definitely a moment of good learning.

He too, takes effort, time and orchestrates circumstances to keep us in the freedom, He died for us to have. We let it all go, in a split of a second or in the momentum of our lethargy to stay in the Word.

Childishness, messes up a clean home. It’s our silly leaning towards the things of the World that makes us lose the evenness in staying clean, whole, peaceful and joyful. Life is an ECG graph. But Jesus promises those who fix their gaze on Him, isn’t tossed by the storms and wind. They go through it without being burnt and consumed; and come out purified.

With that understanding, I also identify; He never wearies in cleaning my mess. When He cleanses me; He also equips me to stay spotless. Even though I blunder; He doesn’t stop coming after. Now, don’t get me wrong. A person once addicted to drugs, pornography, vile living…etc., should definitely not indulge in it, if he/she has truly encountered the Lord. You will forfeit grace if by any means you aren’t letting go off addictions. There are others who fall into their anger, white lies, gossips, arrogance, one eye in the world and other eye to eternity, lack of devotion and discipline. To such, there is a persistent battle.

A battle where we have to stop drinking milk and start having solid food. I experienced a phase where my son would never eat properly though he could, because I would give him bottle milk. To stop bottle milk was like telling me to throw myself off the cliff. He looked-for it before sleep and if not, the fuss intensifies. Very recently, I prayed, asked God for forgiveness of being so afraid and lazy in relying on something so little for a growing child. Slowly, I saw how God’s grace worked and what I feared didn’t happen. Rather, what I didn’t expect showed up profoundly – He started eating very well and followed a routine.

Similarly, we have to rise up soon, to ensure that what we have experienced in Christ, are functional. Someday, we have to rise up alone, take ownership of our obscenity and willingly give it to Jesus. Not with the help of human beings, and other Christians, but first and foremost with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Are you willing to KEEP the wardrobe of your heart clean? If not, life is going to be so miserable. “Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flow the springs of life” – Proverbs 4: 23. Every response and action are connected to our heart. If this heart of ours is not regularly watered and sanctified through the Word of God, it’s only going to attract chaos. Discipline is not hard to follow. When, my son willingly switched from milk to solid food, one or two days, I struggled, MILDLY. After that, it was smooth. Grace happened to grease the days. Similarly, a transition to regularly dwelling in His Word may follow cringe, pain and seclusion. Only for a while, and then when you get wings to soar, you will know who all accompany you up there. Desire more, to stay in the freedom, to long to be what He wants you to be. We are in here, not for ourselves, but for Him. If we let go like King Saul, we may get paradise; but the privilege to complete an assignment will vaporize in our passivity.

Life issues cant overwhelm those who guard the wardrobe of their hearts zealously. (1)

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