Noah’s Quarantine – the Fresh Green Olive Leaf

“But I will establish My covenant (solemn promise, formal agreement) with you; and you shall come into the ark—you and your [three] sons and your wife, and your sons’ wives with you” – Genesis 6: 18

Just like the virus hit and drove the entire globe to panic and alarm; a terrible flood came long ago. Noah knew a prolonged phase of flooding will take place; yet when it did really come; he would have been dumbfounded, “my God is way bigger than what my mind can fathom!”. I saw that on faces whom God prepared for this season. Some have been not affected at all, because they have been habitually dwelling in the secret place. Others, though it came without warning, are being equipped by the Holy Spirit to guard their peace and trust. Yet another group is given a pat by His gentleness to take a tiny step toward Him. Those who willingly walk with undivided focus, enter “the ark”. The ark of protection, where His presence never departs, a shelter of pleasantness and perfect assurance. 

Yet, another beautiful phase of quarantine. I have to say this, no matter how much it may bother us, this phase wasn’t for everyone, this phase was so specifically for Noah and his family. When the government, doctors and health centers are constantly highlighting the urgency of social distance, we do not have to be stubborn and go against them. Now, I am sure there might be people who believe and act otherwise. If God has truly spoken to them in like manner, just like the case of many OT prophets, let them be; because they have heard from God. If not, it is prudent to listen to the authorities of the place we reside in. It is respectable to obey the leaders whom He has put in place.

So, Noah – aged 600 years old, built the ark and did all that God told him to do. After, the flood was over, and five months of being inside the ark, Noah could have thought, “let me step outside, open those doors and see what is going on. As God hasn’t spoken so far let me not wait any longer”. No, He stayed calm, silent and trusting that the same God who took him into the ark will get back and say when to leave and HOW to leave.

And God remembered and thought kindly of Noah and every living thing and all the animals that were with him in the ark; and God made a wind blow over the land, and the waters receded” – Genesis 8: 1

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After long waiting, Noah opened the window and sent a raven in search of dry land. It kept flying back and forth until the water had dried up. Imagine the waiting that took place even after God showed up! Finally, when he sent a dove, it came back in the evening with a freshly plucked olive leaf in its beak. God is faithful to give us fresh signs when we hold on to Him. A sign that we haven’t waited in vain, got isolated in vain, rejected in vain, had good god-fearing friends for too long in vain or haven’t gone through fire in vain. Again, after the freshness of a profound sign, God still expects us to wait. The process of waiting does something beautiful to us. It shapes our character into that is notable to His heart. The longer the waiting on Him is the greater the blessing in store. For Noah, close to 378 days he was in the ark (Click Here

Beloved, the quarantine phase will be over soon than we all imagined. But, for this time that is lavished from His throne, we will be held responsible. Let us be good stewards of this “free” time. Noah was faithful even when many around him were not. He was not even a recipient of the New Testament covenant. We are, and the grace that empowers us will be greater than that which Noah experienced.

“As a ring of gold (jewel) in a swine’s snout, so is a beautiful woman who is without discretion [her lack of character mocks her beauty]” Proverbs 11: 22 –  (Food for thought on how important character is and it doesn’t get shaped easily into anyone).

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