Take a break from Escaping

“Escape”- We all run too far from handling things that weigh us down, from those struggles, those relationships and those negativities that arise without warning. We run by saying, “it’s okay. They shouldn’t have done this to me. I am never going to forgive them. It’s no big deal. Everyone feels this way. My expectations failed. This is me. I cannot do anything about it”.

Some of us run away by doing other things and blame God; especially when such complications stay pending for years. Deal with what you need to. How? Reach out to GOD. That’s how a child of God deals with sin’s by-products like negativities, anxieties, unbelief, unrighteous anger and fruitlessness.

This season, let us face our gloom and make it right in the light of the Word of God. “Therefore, if anyone cleanses himself from what is dishonorable, he will be a vessel for honorable use, set apart as holy, useful to the master of the house, ready for every good work” – 2 Timothy 2:21

We may not be delivered at one shot, always. Some type of complete deliverance is usually a result of a process and at times, it lasts until Jesus comes back or when we breathe our final breath. But, our choice to step into that process daily; peels off one layer of our flesh which is at war with God.

We are, in our purest form, the replica of God’s image. The reason to why we do things contrary to our nature is because of the clothing of sin. But those of us in Christ, daily get cleansed and scrubbed from those stains; when we are willing to surrender. This time isn’t for us to stand tall, fill those emptiness and balm those pain with movie marathons, never ending chit-chats, meaningless videos and muddy social media “information.

Every victorious person in the bible, was someone who had seasons of seclusion from self, convenience, pleasures and comforts. They let God silence the roars of envy, selfish ambitions, and tendencies to deny relying on the Truth (James 3: 10). Someone I love said this, “God will set you apart (isolate you for Himself first) and then display you”. Why? There is a weighty and horrifying limit to a person who isn’t willing to be cleansed of their fleshly nature often. 

Before your mind tells you a common lie, “that means none of us can serve in ministry”, let us look into the eventful life of King Solomon. He had the privilege of being the son of the most celebrated king of Israel, David. He had to fight no wars at all and hence enjoyed peace like never before in the history of Israel. God chose him to build the Temple instead of David. God granted him unique wisdom and abundance of riches. However, none of these helped Solomon to refrain from backsliding, as his heart was turned from YHWH by his heathen wives! Imagine, his overindulgence and surrender to fleshly nature resulted in having seven hundred wives and three hundred concubines who could easily grab his attention away from God. Eventually, Solomon’s sense of discernment got blurred and ended up prostituting his love for YHWH through bowing down to other gods. What a pathetic fall from grace!

Eve, Adam, Abraham, Samson, Saul, Judas, Ananias, Sapphira, Bernice; were all people who took matters into their own hands than trusting God completely. They aborted a lot that was in store, when they failed to walk in submission constantly. We also have Hosea, Jeremiah, Daniel, Ezra, Isaiah, Mary, Peter, and of course, Jesus; who relentlessly kept a check on their character. If we are willing to understand that ‘being’ matters way more than ‘doing’... If we are willing to give our isolation to God than all those alternatives… If we are willing to take that one step, God will come running to wrap us with strength, focus, stability and His impactful purposes. We are asked to be obedient to this loving God, not because He loves to play with our feelings and choices, but because we quickly fall from His divine hedge. The enemy, then can do whatever he pleases – to steal, kill and destroy.

Yes, we all, have messed up many opportunities beyond count. This season isn’t over. We still have time to deal with all of that we have put under the carpet; and boldly re-embrace the beautiful covenant God has made with us. I encourage, but moreover persist like the way Jesus persisted with the Samaritan woman, do not waste this period. Don’t overlook this time God has given to wile it away in things that matter so little. If Jesus is not our first priority, we will only get temporary satisfaction when we engage in online activities, calls and keeping ourselves busy. Hence, we hinder our lives from growing out of our bondages, pains, addictions and our foolish character traits. We are not just called to experience Jesus based on His history, but His present presence too. Old nature (old wineskin), cannot stay in the same roof with Jesus (new wine), who wants to dine with us.  

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