Privileged Position – Benna Babu

“Mordecai sent this reply to Esther: “Don’t think for a moment that because you’re in the palace you will escape when all other Jews are killed.”— Esther 4:13

Most often we are cocooned in a privileged position. Especially when it comes to financial, educational, and other opportunities, sometimes push us into a zone of passively looking at circumstances, that may be faced by our fellow people. Access to a church, turning the pages of a bible, listening to a preacher, and even giving to the Lord can so often be from within our fleshly comfort zones. 

To be lulled into the comforts of our lives is an act of the flesh. And, to be “lukewarm” to the cross in terms of carrying others burdens, to be moved enough in the Spirit, to be voices of truth and to be a reason on behalf of the suffering is dangerous. 

Being complacent to the Jews’s fate wasn’t a choice Esther’s mentor and uncle offered to his niece. He reminded her of the privileged position she was in such a time of mounting tribulations and strife. A time when there was a threat to wipe out the existence of the chosen nation of God. If not her, the God of Israel would raise up someone else! The loss would have been hers alone and she would have numbed the purpose of her life.

Today in our lives we may not be a queen Esther in a palace. But we are given the privilege to open the doorways of influence and impact which the Holy Spirit will want to use to uplift and empower the helpless, the aching, the persecuted, and moreover the lonely. 

Yes, we can’t eradicate the sufferings of this world nor transform every life that we see around but definitely, we can be a voice. We can act beyond preaching or quoting a verse. We’re not called to fix the world we are called to outshine the despair and gloom of this fallen universe. 

Christ the hope of glory; the Son of Righteousness has redeemed us and equipped us to be fishers of souls! He expects us to be doers of the Word. Gospel has to be complemented by actions. The Messiah didn’t sit on His throne and passively orchestrate the Son of Man’s ministry on earth. He walked the talk. And, today He desires us to do the same. Let us strive to walk the talk of the superior kingdom we are joined and believed to be part of. 

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