Her Heart! Not the Alabaster Jar

All of us are familiar with the woman and her alabaster jar. But, it’s highly radical and way too expressional, that many wouldn’t dare to do, even if given a chance; like what this woman did.

This ‘sinner’ as the Luke terms her, came to an influential and dignified house of those times. Why? Because she heard that Jesus was coming there. Probably it could have been very near to where she stayed. Or maybe, because, in such a house there would be enough space for her to go up to Him.

Alabaster jars or the flask was one of the most expensive, which was made of pure nard, at those times and even now. This woman, knowing that she would be despised, looked down on, whispered insults at; chose to be unaffected to those, because her desire was Jesus.

She wept; she couldn’t contain the truth that finally she met one man, who was pouring deep love genuinely. Her warm tears dropped one by one at His feet. She wiped His feet with her “hair”, the most significant aspect of her beauty. She poured out herself, her filth, her guilt, her shame, her wasted life, and her experiences; to His dusty feet.

Then, she opened that flask, let flow all that she knew was good – her purity, her God-made uniqueness; her heart and soul. She began to worship with her expressions. The scent of that perfume filled the entire room. For the Pharisees, it was still a crass moment. They couldn’t fathom on what a boundless instant, it was for Jesus.

While everyone else saw her with utter disrespect: Jesus saw her heart; lonely, sad, and repenting; and in the midst of it, she poured out love on Him. He defended the heart she carried. He defended her beliefs and offered her what she needed the most- Forgiveness. “Your faith has saved you, Go in peace” (Luke 7: 50).

This woman, because of her desperation, knew the person who could satisfy her wholly. She elucidated on the facet of Jesus’ unfailing love. Because of which, even if we have enough reason to look down on ourselves; can be sure, that He never will. Pour out your crass into His feet. And then receive, without a stop, the abundance of His forgiveness.

Such a well-learned Pharisee and such well-learned Christians. All the biblical knowledge, in Greek and Hebrew, weren’t what Jesus was looking for. Now, please don’t get me wrong. Acquiring knowledge is wonderful. But what good is all of those, if we haven’t understood that there is no sin, too great would ever be done to us by any, compared to what we have done toward God? He took an ultimatum to redeem us. If we are, still being competitive, comparing, and judgmental; we fail to reflect the heart of the Father.

This woman didn’t confess her sins to Jesus. Somehow, she knew that His forgiveness was measureless. She came to Him; something that Adam and Eve didn’t do. For that faith, until today we are reading about her and “wow”ing at God’s immense forgiveness and love. Back in that garden, this was the expression that God was waiting for Adam and Eve to embrace. But when they kept hiding, He came closer, only to see that they were afraid, obligated, and lacked love. He just wants you to know Him and immensely understand that

He is for you
He wants you
He desires you
He is watching over you
He has etched you in His heart
He has written your name oN His Palm
He Seeks after you and calls you His Own
He promises to never leave you nor forsake you.

He is only looking for a heart that desires Him above everything else

“He who has received His forgiveness much, Loves much” (ref. Luke 7: 47).

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