Mercy meets the Lost and the Proud

Heard of this son?

He was more into seeking after what his father can give, than who his Father is.


He was disrespectful and irresponsibly whiled away the possessions of his father.

He laid with prostitutes and saw women cheap enough to buy them. He was into all kinds of sexual immorality.

He thought his wealth will stay forever.

He didn’t understand the value of his Father’s house and disregarded it for friends of this world. His family meant nothing to him.

He reveled in his wrong choices, and couldn’t stop doing the same old evil over and over. His words pierced hearts and he didn’t care.

But through this journey, he stumbled away too much from his state of glam to the low pits of the pigs.

Have you heard of this Son?

He felt unworthy, useless, and taken advantage of.

He was hopeless and homeless. He begged, and stung. He missed his Father and his home.

He reflected through his failures and knew there wasn’t anything forgivable about him.

What happened to him?

He was a slave bound. He decided to return to his Father’s house, as a slave, just to eat the food that was served in that house. He was truly hungry that pride vanished, and soberness set in.

Have you heard of the Father?

Every day He looked far off for a glimpse. When He closed his eyes at night, his heart ached. Waiting, expecting, and longing to see that son who left it all for garbage.

One day, He saw, a faint figure. He lit up. A joyful voice screeched, “That is my Son”. He jumped. A gush of energy swept the Father to run.

And the rest you know. This Father’s excitement is exceptional and tearing. So is Our Heavenly Father’s.

But there is more to this Father – Have you heard?

He had another son. While the party was going on, His heart was waiting for His older one. The Father pounded with love.

But when the older son returned, He was angry and refused to go into the house where the celebrations got louder and louder.

Oh, this Father! He still comes out for the one, leaving the ninety-nine. He is a Father who goes out to meet the lost and the proud. Pride is stinking to His nostrils, but His Son is His heartbeat.

The older son accuses Him and charges Him with wrongs (ref Job1: 22). “I have served you all these years, and yet you have done nothing for me. I have come to church, served the ministry, and yet I am still in the valley. You haven’t rewarded me. But to that brother of mine, who squandered away all that you gave him, is the one you show grace to? I am serving you, you are my father and where is the evidence of your love and riches upon my life? I have been in this house, worked for you, did great things for you, yet not once have I seen the longings or my struggles cease because you intervened. I still go through moments of difficulties, and still, you are ready to celebrate someone who blew it up?”

Yet, this Father says, “Son, do you know I still love you. You are always with me, and everything I have is yours. Now, come and celebrate this brother of yours who was once dead but now alive”.

Look at this Father who reinforces the identity of his two sons. With His love, He silenced slavery and servant-hood mindsets. He called each of them, “Son”.

We all face an identity crisis that calls us to come back to God either as a slave, or a rebel and charge him wrong because of our self-righteousness and pride. But this God, this Father, doesn’t condemn, doesn’t scream, yell or banish any of them away from His presence. Identity crisis is so common in the Body of Christ, where we look at what we have without understanding who were and whose we are. Only if we fully grasp the finished work on the cross where the Holy Spirit bestowed upon us the Spirit of Sonship, we will truly be able to see what we have as His children. His glory is His mercy. His riches are in who He is. We can never outdo anything for Him. Even if we think we can, we should and try; He will still walk to us, run to us and tell us, “Son (Daughter), my mercy is your Home, always”.

Also, inspired by Shyju Mathew: | What Delays the Glory Inheritance.Mercy meets the Lost and the Proud

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