The “Some People”

“Then He came to Bethsaida; and they brought a blind man to Him, and begged Him to touch him.” – Mark 8: 22

Something that awed me in this passage were the “some people” who brought the blind man to Jesus, and literally “begged” Him for healing. That word “begged” reminded me of groaning. They had a heart to stoop low for this blind man. How many us, are like these “some people”? Do we see the ‘lack of vision’ in someone’s life and get moved to groan for them in the presence of God? Are we people who will know about someone’s struggle and finish off with them by lending them some money; maybe extend some random “how are yours”, mere or ‘no substance’ phone calls?

These people did not come to Jesus for their own need. They knew He is a miracle-worker and it is not like they never had any need. But, when they came, they sought Him urgently and fervently for this blind man. What good was a blind man to these “some people”? Why would they waste their time on someone like him? You see these are the kind of questions we have within ourselves. Tomorrow if someone in our family is affected with a disease, or loss of job, or any other major trials, because they are family, because you have a reason to, will pray, will plead, will cry, and will fervently seek God for their breakthrough. Which is good. Today’s world, forget extended family, it has to be our immediate ones affected for some of us to earnestly pray for their well-being. Everyone else outside that circle are recipients of our sympathy or mostly our pretentious kindness (not generalizing, stating the factual majority).

Many of us would have come across leaders and ministers in church saying, “they were such a blessing to the church and let us have all night prayers for their breakthrough to come”. There is absolutely nothing wrong in any of these approaches. Off course, we have to stand with people of God who have tirelessly served the Body of Christ and personally when they are in trouble or going through a struggle. But, what about people who have done nothing for us? People who may never be of any use, help or assistance to us? What if they struggle constantly? Would we still carry them to the presence of God like these “some people”?

To receive a genuine, authentic burden for people to thrive out of their struggles and bondages; we, personally need to have known, seen and encountered the miracle-worker; His immeasurable compassion and faithfulness.

We cannot have burden for everyone and pray for them earnestly. But, that doesn’t mean it is to be confined within ourselves and our immediate family members. If these people didn’t have the heart to bring this blind man to Jesus, he would have still seen. But these “some people” would have missed a beautiful chance to be a blessing in this man’s life. You might think, “Well that is not a big deal”. Oh, yes, that is big deal if the Author of your life intends so. If you refuse it, God has other ways to bless people, but you and I will surely have a big blow when we miss out. God hasn’t created any of us to be selfish, but selfless and reflect His nature in being considerate and compassionate. True empathy and care for people is exhibited when you can stand up for them, especially when God wants you to be there for them in their testing times. Be a person who constantly builds relationship with Christ, in your secret place. Be a carrier of His heart, for when your relationship with Him stands strong, you will do anything to bring hurting people to Him.  Also, bring people to Him, only with a right and godly motive. Even if they don’t return back and say a “thank you”, you and I got to be absolutely okay with them and God. Bring people into His presence by walking the extra-mile with them, so that no one, not even you, but God gets all of the Glory and Honor.

If we could be a part these “some people”, there will be many delivered out of their dark seasons.

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