The God who is dying

 “Their parents have come down, we cannot share what we are going through with them”.
 “Work-life is so hectic for him, why will I add to his tension?”
 “She’s going through her bit. It’s going to be so bad of me to pour my concerns into her. It will weigh her down.”

The many reasons why we don’t share or bring our struggles out to another could be because of a fellow feeling, or because we aren’t sure if we would wreck our reputation with them. But some don’t care, they don’t even bother to ask us if we are willing to listen to their negative feelings, and without warning pour out the trash.

The dying Jesus, who claimed to be the Savior of the World, is bleeding. He is accused by reputed and learned men. He is crucified because that’s what the majority wanted (Matthew 27: 18). As the soldiers mocked at him, someone wails, “If you are truly the Son of God, if you are God, then save yourself and save us”, said the thief. Today, these words sound very real and familiar to me. I have said them, and I have heard people say it aloud with no qualms, not to the dying God but the resurrected Christ.

“If you are really God, then why would I go through this? Prove yourself. Strike those people who abuse me. I have confessed my sin yet I face consequences, so where is forgiveness? Why did you die for me? So that I could suffer for no good reason. I wonder why I do so much for you, I wonder why I fast and pray, only to be left with more ache and pain. I wonder why you tell me to forgive and apologize when the wrong lies on them”.

Those self-focused words are so common, they are the tendencies of a FALLEN being. Such, claim to make God obliged to be their magic wand, perform miracles according to their perception; promotions, lifestyle according to their definition and when these crumble, “What a DAMN God are you? You are a dead God, not the Savior”.

As these accusations come in, with remorse, a voice cries out from His other side, “We deserve this Crucifixion, we have lived so horribly. But this man, has been way more innocent and righteous than we can imagine. LORD! When you are in paradise, have mercy, and remember me”. A thief calling out to the dying God. When Jesus, so disfigured and terrible, replies with assurance. I don’t know how much this man could believe, but he was grateful that his struggle will be over with the cross. The dying God spoke hope. So in our situation, a word from the ‘distant’ God is enough to endure with hope. To thrive amid deep sorrow, to cry out loud and still be assured, “He is enough and HE is faithful” is relief and strength. But, only the ones who are willing to see life beyond death, the light behind the darkness, joy behind the struggle; will be able to humble themselves and cry out to the One who seems so far. 

As much as we tend to ask, “Why God why?” We also need to reach a place where the Holy Spirit is allowed to assure us with enduring hope and comfort. For even David said, “How long Oh Lord, will you forget me forever?” (Ps 13), he ended it by writing, “I will sing to the Lord for He has dealt bountifully with me”. In terms of physical help or deliverance, David was stuck in the same place, but when He considered the goodness of God in the past and present, not according to his understanding but according to the Holy Spirit’s insight, he sang in faith, joy, and hope. As much as we wait for answers to our prayers, let us not be people who want everything to fall in place instantaneously. For such an expectation will shatter and make us miserable. But rather, let us be like the thief who knows that he deserves the cross, yet cried out and said, “Lord please I want to be with you”, which is paradise. Let us desire to be where He is, and in His presence always.

“…… He will bring good out of your trials may be mysterious to you now, but that he will bring good out of them is not a mystery. It’s a promise” – Jon Bloom 

Passage references:
Luke 23: 33 – 43

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