The Impossible

A friend of ours who went abroad had been waiting to get a call back on a job confirmation. It was very difficult for them but their faith to wait and hold on was immense. God just pours it to people who trust Him and most importantly, to His children. 

Sometimes we get so disheartened about things and settle down to think there is no hope in the place we stay. But, how much have we taken it to God in prayer? How much have we given Him our all, for Him to do something that is so so impossible with us? 

The father who wanted his child well, “cried out, “I do believe! Help my unbelief.”” Mark 9:24. 

Just like the boy’s father we pray prayers, “Lord IF YOU CAN….” We tend to think prayer is a fortune than a certainty of our relationship with God. We base it on our experiences than following the example of Jesus who communed with His Father daily. To this, Jesus replied, “‘If You can ’? Everything is possible to the one who believes.”” Mark 9:23 


Again! How much have we let go, to make His Word be our sole priority? The only aspect we have to possess to see mountains move, is nothing but faith. Go into His Word, declare it aloud and within time your faith will increase to walk a walk, that will lead you to your answers in Christ. 

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