By Jisha Noble

Worship is synonymous with being a Christian – one in whom Christ lives.

There are plenty of definitions for worship in the modern world, but the kind of worship that God commands is more of a walk rather than an act, as the world perceives.

Most people seem to think that the act of worship begins at the threshold of the church building, offering up prayers and praises and giving thanks. But while even there, they have failed to realize worship for what it is.

Worship becomes real when one comes to ‘give’, and not to ‘get’. Many come into worship wondering what blessing they might receive from God, but our actual mindset and goal should be as to what we can offer our God – to ascribe unto Him all glory, and honor, and majesty and blessing as it says in Psalms 29:1&2.

Being His children, we have all ‘freely received’, and now it’s up to us to ‘freely give’.

How do we worship?

The one person who is a perfect role model in the Bible where worship is concerned is King David. When the ark of God was brought into Jerusalem (II Sam 6), he put off his kingly robes and praised God and danced ‘with all his might’.

We are to worship and praise with all that we have and all that we are. We are to put aside every weight- every lofty title we give ourselves and basically everything in our lives that holds itself high against God’s sovereignty – and bless the Lord just as David did!

Never mind that there were tens of thousands of people watching their king dance with righteous abandon wearing just a linen ephod, never mind just anyone who mocked or jeered as they saw their king being undignified for the King of Kings (II Samuel 6:16), David simply did not care. Such was the depth of his relationship with his heavenly Father who was with him through the good and bad – that no indignation, no scorn and no amount of ridicule could stop him from worshiping God publicly ‘with all his being’.

We read later that God testified of David that he was a ‘man after His own heart’! (Acts 13:22, I Samuel 13:14).

Now who doesn’t want to be called that! Well, this is what it takes!

When we give more heed to what God would think rather that what people might think, there lies the difference. And the freedom. And the victory.

When do we worship?

Worship continues outside the doorsteps of the church. Your bearings and demeanor should always bring a sweet fragrance in the presence of the Lord (II Corinthians 2:15).

In short, how we think, react to situations, help in sharing the gospel and treat people all stand as witness of our Godly character and Worship Lifestyle.

Joy is a blessed aftermath of a fruitful worship experience and friend, this is your calling!

This is what the Lord requires of you!

May your worship experience not be confined to the gates and doors of your church, but let that aroma flow out and surround all that you do.

Be an unstoppable worshiper!


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