Accurate Goodness

“Find out for yourself how good the Lord is. Happy are those who find safety with him.” Psalm‬ ‭34:8‬

Another version to this says, Taste and see how Good He is. Finding out and tasting His goodness comes in the same line. When you try to find something, you put into it a willingness from your side. To taste His goodness is instigated by the Holy Spirit, but initiated by your corporation. Using the power of choice that God has gifted us, is the beginning point of it all.

In a simple prayer, “God I want to taste your goodness and I want to find out your goodness in every step I take”, is all that you do from your side. Because when you find out how good He is, trusting Him comes in effortlessly. Then, your joy is complete, your contentment is final, and your safety stays solid in His presence.

Another day in 2018, may you be grounded In His good pleasure. Let nothing pull you down to not believing in His perfect goodness over your life. Would you a person struggling with sin, do harm to a little baby? How much more your Father in heaven.

Let this year dive you deeper into the accuracy of His Goodness. Tap into it like your whole life depends on it and see the perfect timing of Heaven unfold to unveil every awaited solution in your life.


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  1. God, I want to taste your goodness and I want to find out your goodness with every step I take.” Yes, girl! This is amazing and we should all be seeking his goodness!

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  2. I love that verse. There is something special about discovering for yourself how amazing God is. No one can fully describe what it is to be in a saving relationship with Jesus. It’s something you can’t grasp until you are fully immersed in it, but once you are there, there is nothing sweeter.

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  3. Humans need pleasure. He made us specifically to enjoy Him and His creation. Finding pleasure in His presence is one of the most healing things on this earth. I can’t even imagine what it will be like in Heaven.

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