“Therefore, may God grant you gentle showers from heaven and the fertile soils of the earth, and rich harvests of grain and wine. May many peoples come and serve you, and may nations bow down to you” – Genesis 27:28-29

Isaac is blessing Jacob with these words. Those days, blessings and inheritance were passed on mainly with Words. Words of conviction and authority. Laying of hands and proclaiming over one’s life by their father was the greatest deal of that time.

Yes, Jacob was wealthy, blessed and known to be a man through whom a nation erupted. But every blessing comes with a responsibility. Enacting those responsibilities by yielding to the Holy Spirit breathes maturity into each of us. A matured state where the fruit of the Holy Spirit displays through our lives, for the Glory of God.

Jacob, had a major training period with his father-in-law before he met with the Lord and had a total transformation from a deceiver to a Prince. We are all blessed in some or the other way and we have a responsibility to use our blessing for His Kingdom’s sake. A new baby is born. Yes, indeed a blessing from heaven. But, that’s not it. Taking care and nourishing this baby takes effort, diligence and change in priorities. There is a responsibility that sets in, to play the role of a parent/caretaker to this blessing.

Unless, we use our blessing responsibly, we will never be good stewards of His Kingdom. Even if financially you win a jackpot, God still has seen many to whom that money in your hands must reach and bless. In carrying out our responsibilities faithfully we are imparted with Godly authority and affluence, to bring an impact to a mess that wouldn’t be fixed otherwise. This alone makes us matured sons and daughters of the Most High God. Anyone who buries their talent and doesn’t put in effort to live the life of Christ, will never hear, “Well done! Good and Faithful servant”.

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