6-Aug-2017 : Finished

When Jesus drank, He spoke: Jesus: It Is Finished! In that moment, His head fell; and He gave up the spirit – John 19:30

He has a final say to every question and delay that you as His child has faced. No matter how many testimonies we have to glorify Jesus, there will always be something we are missing, waiting, longing and hoping for. But, again! He conquered it all and we just have to cleave and lean onto Him.

I have always wondered how to keep holding on the Joy of God when things are consecutively not right and dry. His Word! Looking at every need, issues and mountains of yours He declared His last few Words – It is Finished! He bled His final drop of the Blood, and breathed His last in these Words.

Keep going on. Whatever you are going through, He is so much aware and in the situation with you. He is your best answer and is ALWAYS with you. The One whom the winds and waves obey, has said it loudly at the cross of Calvary: “It is Finished”.



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