8-Aug-2017 : Sufficient

When Abram was ninety-nine years old, the Lord appeared to him and said, “I am God Almighty; Walk habitually before Me …” Genesis 17:1

A story we all know. But it’s this very story that tells each of us that God is sufficient. In the midst of everything that we have prayed for years that are yet to be answered, He is the answer and is more than enough.

The prosperity gospel has projected that Jesus’ abundant life is mainly noticeable in your belongings, health, and emotional feelings. If all of these aren’t well enough for people to see then maybe God is chastising you for some unconfessed sins. I am not sure how you have heard of all these. But, the abundant life of Jesus is much more than what we can feel or fathom.

Abundant life is when you can worship God with an undivided focus in the midst of your many unanswered prayers and yet to be fulfilled promises.
When you can be happy and joyful for another person who is flaunting with good news of the goodness of God in their lives.

When you can raise your voice and praise Him even when your fractured hands hurt big time.

When, in the midst of every lack and brokenness you can still say: “He is good and His plans are always for good”.

That’s the abundant life. A life free from trials and pain aren’t what Jesus promised any of us. But His promises are to overcome those very trials and pain. We will know Him greatly and highly in our wilderness moments. Those very understandings and revelations we attain in that season will stir us to be good stewards of His purposes and elevations.

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