17-Dec-2017: Loving Endurance

May the Lord lead you into a greater understanding of God’s love and the endurance that is given by Christ. 2 Thessalonians 3:5

It is impossible to fathom or receive God’s love without the leading of Jesus, through the Holy Spirit. Allowing God to love us like no one, is a choice that we make. This happens we let ourselves to dive into the Love that He shed on the cross, and is still lavishing immeasurably.

There were moments, and I must admit even now there are some that gets into my nerves real quick. It could be a comment, a gesture, an ignorance, a fake attitude and so on. This simply means I have a lack in endurance. Why? Because I fail miserably in allowing the Holy Spirit to show me God’s Love. Unless we are convinced, rooted and immensely soaked in God’s love; we don’t receive the Spirit of endurance. It’s because He endured the pain on the Cross, today there is Joy in Heaven, when one sinner turns from his old ways and repent. Heaven’s Joy in us is permanent because the One who created us chose to die for us, redeem us and save us from the clutches of evil for endlessness.

Jesus endured that pain, because He stayed unshakable in His conviction of His Father’s love for Him and the world. The moment He heard, “Beloved Son”, (Mat3: 17) He experienced the certainty of God’s inexhaustible LOVE. Love helps us endure and stay on course. Else, we give up – on ourselves, on people and moreover on God’s Holy Promises.

Endurance isn’t a painful word, it’s a word of Privilege. Sharing in Christ’s suffering is a privilege given to every child born of His Word. This word’s (endurance) weightiness ceases when He comes and takes us home. It’s momentary and those that have endured are promised a Crown Of Life – An eternal, everlasting, joyous and abundant life.

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  1. This provides such good insight. Whenever we lack in our behavior or attitudes, it’s a love problem; we are not resting in Father God’s amazing love poured out upon us. I pray for more and more revelation of His great great love toward me, and toward those I meet.


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