18-Dec-2017: Glory in the Valley

And the hand of the Lord was upon me there. And he said to me, “Arise, go out into the valley, and there I will speak with you.” So I arose and went out into the valley, and behold, the glory of the Lord stood there, like the glory that I had seen by the Chebar canal, and I fell on my face. Ezekiel 3:22‭-‬23‬

Valleys are depressed areas of land–scoured and washed out by the conspiring forces of gravity, water, and ice. Some hang; others are hollow. They all take the form of a “U” or “V.”

In such a depressed area is where God-Almighty met with Ezekiel. The glory was so thick that the prophet couldn’t hold himself up to the magnificence and the weight he experienced all over.

We all have valley moments, it could be in sometime of the day, in a particular season or a phase in our lives. These areas, we usually tend to avoid and don’t want to do anything with it. But, as you read and ponder over these verses, let the Almighty One tell you to come to Him, with your depressing moments FACE to face. You maybe clueless, your targets are unmet, your ideas and strategies aren’t taking the good toll, your finances are held, the pressure around is tightening, and you may not be able to overcome sin. Whatever they are, God is asking you to get into it now, with Him.

Take it to Him, see His glory fall over those valleys. Once you have surrendered all at His feet, let the Spirit of God empower you to rise up and complete His purposes with His abundance that has opened up. Don’t shut your fearful moments, take it God. Know, His glory is greater than your valleys. His promises higher than your problems, and His presence stronger than your battles.


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  1. While reading this, I couldn’t help but think of the song God On the Mountain – “For the God on the mountain, is still God in the valley When things go wrong, he’ll make them right.” I’m so thankful no matter where we are at, God is in control of everything.


  2. Amen! I can attest to these valley moments! I’ve had several, insurmountable valley moments where all I could do was fall on my face before the Lord. He always shows up in a mighty way when I completely submit myself to Him! I’m so happy you reminded me of this moment for Ezekiel!

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