20-Dec-2017: He knows

Do you know that your Father in heaven knows what you need? Matthew 6: 8


This must to be woven into the fabric of our thoughts that God knows more than well what we need even before we say a Word.

When my son sleeps in the night I have timed myself in such a way that at a particular hour I know he will get hungry and I will wake up no matter what. No groaning, no crying, no pleading. I avoid all of these by being very vigilant to the hour and time. Other times, during the day he may get hungry at 10 am, and not for once have I said, “let’s wait for lunch time”. I am on my toes to get ready anything that is good for him as well as that satisfies his hunger.

How much more God? Just as a mom wouldn’t want her child to wail because he/she is hungry, so much more is our Father in Heaven. He would satisfy every need, every hunger and fulfill every desire simply because you are His child. He times Himself perfectly that you wouldn’t face lack. Hence, David says, “I shall never want”. Trust His timing, and believe that your gestures of needs will be first understood and answered by Him. This revelation needs to be engraved into the core of our beliefs so that we walk, talk and act from a point that all needs are supplied because His riches are showered on us, and they are inexhaustible.

If you hunger for Him more than anything else, be assured you He will prepare for you a feast to fill you with ALL of Him.


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