24-Dec-2017: Open Our Eyes

“Then He “opened their minds” so that they can comprehend the Scriptures” – Luke 24:25

Those disciples saw it, tasted it, experienced it. They knew it all. Yet when the Lord was right in front of them, they were bewildered. They weren’t excited to see Him. Frightened and doubtful they stood. But, when HE OPENED their minds to understanding; worship and joy lavished out of them. They understood to what God meant for the world even before the foundations of the earth. At that very moment each one of them identified their calling. Because, they knew the One they saw was none other than the One whose Word silenced winds and waves, whose thanksgiving multiplied five loaves of bread, whose command healed the sick and whose touch restore the prostitute.

We will stay hidden even if we have seen miracles in our lives. Only when the Lord opens our minds, will we see more than now; past pains and problems. Because, nothing is more practical than the supernatural.

So ask God to open your eyes to His rulership over the earth, His magnificence over the nations and His brilliance over your life.


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