– July’17 –

A month of completions. God is about to give you clarity to all that you have been waiting for. May your season this month bring you closer to your purposes. Let the One who began a good work in you, show you a new path to take so that you walk towards His completed work.


Click the below links to read the devotionals of Jul’17:

2-Jul-2017 : Love

3-Jul-2017 : Fruit

4-Jul-2017 : Drum it

5-Jul-2017 : Fondness.

6-Jul-2017 : More Than

9-Jul-2017 : It is More

10-Jul-2017: Abide

11-Jul-2017 : Commit

12-Jul-2017 : Good & Perfect

13-Jul-2017 : Holy Plans 

16-Jul-2017 : Context

17-Jul-2017 : Speak Life

18-Jul-2017 : Real Love

19-Jul-2017 : Beyond

20-Jul-2017 : Pour Praise

25-Jul-2017 : You

26-Jul-2017 : Birth

27-Jul-2017 : Planted Now

30-Jul-2017 : His Wings

31-Jul-2017 : Deeply Aware

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