16-Jul-2017 : Context

Luke 4:7 “If You just worship me, then everything You see will all be Yours. All Yours!”

Really? When we take verses from the Bible without knowing it’s context we can lead ourselves into agreeing what Satan says.

Those were the very words of Satan to Jesus on His second temptation. Many times we take verses and promises, and declare it over our lives without even reading the verses that are before or after. Every promise of God comes with two essentials- Trust and Obedience. There are no unconditional promises in the Bible.

None of us can buy an expensive car like Ford, Bentley or R.Royce and decide that we are going to drive the car with the reverse gear on. It’s dangerous and utterly foolish. Now we may ask, if we have to trust and obey can we take credit for those promises being fulfilled in our lives? Absolutely, NO! Grace alone empowers us to trust and obey. Every child’s desire is to please the Father. As long as we have a desire to please Him utmost, trust and obedience is greased with grace of the Holy Spirit.

To everything that the enemy bring to us to worship, let’s be bold enough like Jesus with the Help of the Holy Spirit and say: “Get out of My face, Satan! The Hebrew Scriptures say, “Worship and serve the Eternal One your God—only Him—and nobody else.” – Luke 4:8

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