25-Jul-2017 : You

How great is the love the Father has “lavished” on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are! (I John 3: 1)

The word Lavish means bountiful, extravagant or rather abundance. It simply means you just can't contain it. The Unexplainable, Infinite, Indescribable Creator of this GORGEOUS universe does not bother about lavishing is love on anything/anyone else except You. Because, of His Great Love (Jesus Christ), we have the privilege to call this Immaculate, Enormous God, our FATHER!

Because of the Blood shed on the Cross, He calls us His Children. Let nothing, in your entire life stop you from thanking God for this awesome GIFT – His Love.

His nature is Love, He is Love. His Love alone helps us become like Him. All that He ever wants from us is to be Like Him – LOVE. Be Like Love, for this love died and rose again to ransom you back to Your First Love.

Child of an Indefinably Huge God, keep reminding yourself that, every millisecond your Daddy in heaven is MINDFUL of You. “You have completely occupied His heart and mind”



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