26-Jul-2017 : Birth

For this is the word God promised: “In due time, I will come, and Sarah will give birth to a son.” Romans 9:9

“I will come”, that phrase has volumes to convey to each of us. The barrenness of Sarah can totally be wiped off only when the Lord comes in His time.

The One of order has predestined a certain time for a major breakthrough that will transform our lives, seasons, perceptions and purposes. Abraham and Sarah waited more than waiting could be tolerated. Not even their mistakes could stop God from bringing laughter to their emptiness

They grew in wealth, fame and authority over so many years. But, a child is what they lacked. A generation to pass down a legacy. But, GOD! Wanted to pass down HIS legacy to the one that He would come to and breathe into Sarah’s womb.

You, could be waiting for that one major turning point of your life. God in His due time, in the full term; will come down to breathe life into your void. He will breathe possible into the impossible, and order into every chaos and distortion.

His promise alone stays forever and ever. They never fail nor are they mystical. The One who promised is a DOER of His Word. Rest assuredly, the Lord is coming. The time is due and You will break forth to step into your blessing awaited for so long. Prepare! To Enter!



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