30-Jul-2017 : His Wings

Like a bird protecting its young, God will cover you with His feathers, will protect you under His great wings; His faithfulness will form a shield around you, a rock-solid wall to protect you – Psalm 91:4

When a little child gets sick or falls or aches in anyway; the mother feels the pinch. Some mothers cry as if the whole hurt is on them. They feel the child more than anyone else in the whole world. No doctor or companion would be able to understand the depth of the hurt the mother is going through with her aching child. In that pain, she doesn’t cease from her roles. Her grieving child’s state pumps her up with strength and endurance to even stay up all night just so that the child can take comfort in her arms.

A mother goes to any extent to protect her child from even the things like flu, fall, unwanted things the child wants to put in his/her mouth… The little one she holds, nurtures and grows means everything to her because she has loved that baby even before he/she was born. Now, take a moment and ponder; HOW MUCH MORE GOD!

He is your shield. You are hemmed in the hedge of His protection. His hands hold you up and you will never face a moment of abandonment. You are strong, and renewed in the abundance of His strength. You are wise and refreshed with His understandings. Even a mom faces helplessness despite of her reckless love for her child. But, God the all-sufficient One never runs out on you. His greatest joy is to hold you close to His heart, where both of you feel each other’s heartbeat.

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