10-Jun-2017 : Child!

“My Child.

I have added another day into your life just to tell you, I have not given upon you and we have a long way to go. Hearts to touch, love the broken ones, bring hope to the hopeless, accept the rejected, unveil the impossible, and above all My Son to be formed completely in YOU. I will never force you against your will, but if you let me take control, I will fight your battles and all you have to do is be at rest.

My child, you can never fathom My love for you and I can never imagine Myself not being in love with you. I never get tired or upset by you and every minute I have fresh love to pour on You. Drink from me and you will never thirst for the loveliness of this world. Eat from me and you will soon see the world’s knowledge dim. I Created you to fulfill something so wonderful, and you will not fail in this journey of life. Anytime you fall, I will be there always, to pick you up and help you walk again to complete the purpose you are in the earth for. I died for you, so that we could be together forever“.

With immense unending love,
Your Abba Father.

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