15-Jun-2017: Barns and Barrels

Honor Adonai with your wealth and with the first of your entire harvest.
Then your barns will be filled with plenty, your barrels will overflow with new wine.” Proverbs 3: 10 (TLV)

Your wealth is your work, and whatever vocation it maybe, God alone deserves the best of it from you. We all wait for salaries to be credited, bonuses to be sanctioned, increments to be approved and promotions to be passed. What for? Why do we wait for all of these? Yes, meet needs, buy your so called favorite thing, spend a holiday, watch a movie, buy a gift and much more. But, do we constantly have our minds fixed on honoring God with our wealth? To each of us, God some or the other way whispers to the our conscience on how we must spend our money. Yes, giving tithes in the house of God is sometimes very easily done. But, what about the rest? No, I am not saying give all of it for charity. Just that we need to be so convinced if our money is spend rightly and honorably.

Some of us are spendthrifts in regards to our favorite brands, favorite restaurants, and holiday spots. We need to be children who seek wisdom in terms of using our wealth. When the Lord directs our wealth in the way that pleases Him, the Word clearly says, our storehouses will flood and overflow not just for us and our generations, but many who are in need. When our wealth overflows and blesses people that are divinely appointed to have a share if it, our barrels will overflow with fresh wine. Wine, always represents anointing, freshness and newness. We become renewed when we honor God with our possessions. An irrevocable blessing overruns our lives when we submit to God’s wisdom and will; by choosing to crucify our fleshly wants. Fleshly wants mean addictions, giving into pleasures which are unnecessary and not in God’s agenda foryour ‘that’ particular time.

When we seek God to direct our wealth, we set an example to our generation never to be slaves of or for money. We show them how to have dominion and channel every ounce of our wealth for the glory of God. Maturity opens up before them and they will never travel the path which the prodigal son travelled through. Let your wealth multiply and every debt in your life be met by the abundance of the Kingdom of Heaven. May you never lack or borrow. Let sufficiency be seen in every area of your life. Your significance in terms of loyalty and prudence will be highly recognizable. This doesn’t mean that if you don’t own a house of five bedroom apartment, you are misusing your wealth. A generous and honorable heart will always have room for others to be aided and experience the extravagance of the Father.

Proclaim the below promise on your life and to the generations to come.

“May our sons be like healthy plants as they grow and mature,
And may our daughters be like the corner pillars that decorate a palace.
May our storehouses be full with abundant supplies of every crop,
And may the flocks of our fields multiply into thousands and tens of thousands!
May our cattle be strong and productive, without miscarriage, without loss, and may there be no riots or protests in our streets!” Psalms 144: 12- 14 (TLV)
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