“No one serving as a soldier entangles himself in the ordinary affairs of a civilian life, so that he might please the one who enlisted him” – 2 Timothy 2:4

We are sent here in this world with a solid mandate, which is nontransferable and irreplaceable. Our calling has an immense weight. Whatever the vocation might be, it is ultimately to reflect Him in our actions that bring Him Glory. You and I are enlisted to this specific, unique and distinct role of living according to His perfect pleasure. So as soldiers who are called to guard and be vigilant, we cannot shift focus and get entangled with affairs of a marketplace. We need to prioritize our life that will bear fruit to the calling He has placed on our lives, even before the foundations of this world was laid.

No matter how great an athlete is, if he doesn’t comply with the rules of the game, disqualification hits him right on the face. He misses out on making a mark. Jesus focused His life to the cross. No words, actions or tightness of His schedules made Him forget what He was on this earth for. Weren’t there other cities with sick, lame, mute, deaf, paralyzed and crippled people? Did He being God incarnated as man, go to all these places? No! He played His game by the rules laid down by His Father. Those rules for Him mattered because His Father’s will was to save you and me from the clutches of the enemy. If Jesus went out of the way, and decided that he must be in all the places where there are sick and hungry people, the mercy shed on the Cross for mankind would never be imaginable. We would still be doomed to hell for eternity. Hope unfolded because Jesus focused on His three and half years of ministry.

Beloved, we all have an expiry date in this world. Let us in one accord, focus to live this short life here with the love that He pours out on us. When we diligently receive His love, we will stay designated to His will. IMG-20170616-WA0003Our focus never distorts and our purposes for everyday life will always be fulfilled through the Holy Spirit. This alone brings Him Glory! This alone speaks loudly to a world full of hurt and filth more than words. The creation waits for us, children of God, to walk by His will. We are ambassadors to a realm where impossibilities don’t exist. So, when we step into that realm by the sheer grace of God, we are also able to lovingly pull others into it too.

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  1. All I could think of was the hymn Onward Christian Soldier. This isn’t our home. Our home will be with Jesus when the ultimate battle end and the enemy takes his rightful place.

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  2. Wow! What a great perspective! I’ve been struggling lately feeling overwhelmed by how brief our time here is. This is a good reminder to trust God with how he sees fit for me to use my time!

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