7-Nov-2017: Anointing

Delilah had to ask Samson *four times*, “what is the secret of your power?”
Samson wasn’t the muscle man that we all of think of, He looked absolutely ordinary. But when the anointing came, He ripped apart the enemies and doomed them. People may wonder how you do what you do! You don’t look like that kind of person who can plunder hell and display greatness. But, the Anointing in YOU!! radiates to shun the darkness, and makes way for the impossible excellence to parade.

Those very vocations that you are so passionate about, and people have bluntly said you are incapable; that’s where God’s grace is going to show off. There is a God-given skill and dream inside of you. But, without His anointing it’s impossible for those skills to perform in a manner so that your dreams are notabilia. The anointing in our life is a blessing from God, and it’s our job to guard it with every ounce of our awareness.

Compromises and every subtle sin, can slowly wear us off into the ordinary and mundane. But, being firm in the Word of God and walking by the little revelation that God has poured into our lives, we sharpen the anointing bestowed on us.

Because of His anointing of love poured out on us daily, we are hemmed from behind and before, joyful when external shakes and hopeful in His promises.

Psalm 45:7 “You have loved righteousness and hated wickedness. Therefore God, your God, has anointed you with the oil of gladness beyond your companions.”


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  1. So true that the anointing leaves us a little at a time, as we begin to allow more sin into our lives! It happened with Samson, slowly sinning over time until it culminated with the last covenant being desecrated. We definitely have to guard His anointing, daily!


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