6-June-2017 : Sleep Still

Tell your soul: “Be still, be calm, see, and understand I am the True God.” – Psalm 46:10a

Zig-zaged, overwhelmed, tight, busy, exhausted and moreover lack of clarity. We may all start the day with this great belief in Him having the total control. But by the time we end, we feel all of those mentioned one way or the other.
So, many at times we spent more of our time trying to control the crazy on the outside than we have working toward creating calm on the inside. Morning, throughout or night, we need to be held, to rest in the calm that can only be found in Him.

Those who seek to be still and quiet will find a beautiful portal through which God’s voice of love can be heard in a world that drowns it in interference. We may wake up in the morning and spend quiet time with God. But, our day needs to end in the same manner of calming ourselves in His presence, where He speaks the stillness of His beautiful voice deep into our soul.

Let’s not end our days with the last seen mode on social media, but with a solid time of receiving from the Saviour a grace to sleep where He showers His favor as we rest in His Presence.

Psalm 127:2 God provides for His own. It is pointless to get up early, work hard, and go to bed late Anxiously laboring for food to eat; for God provides for those He loves, even while they are sleeping.

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