10-May-2017 : 3 R(s)

There are days I sigh and just lay back wondering if I utter, “Lord, I am upset”, will He care..? Some moments you wonder if there is any hope through these. Sometimes you want to lay it aside and not even think certain issues exists.

That’s when, endurance paints its colors all over the black canvas of a tired mind. Suddenly, a shift happens, Hope enters! Hope whispers gently- Go to Him, Seek Him, He’s all you need, None can touch your heart like He does, You belong, and; words that don’t even spell out like His words aren’t your portion.

Hope continues, and says: “Seek the Lord and His strength; Seek His face continually longing to be in His presence. He will show you the way of life. Being with Him is to be full of joy. In His right hand there are pleasures forever.” (1Chron 16:11 & Ps 16: 11).

He Revives, Restores and Renews us.

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