14-May-2017 : Knock

When Jesus taught about Prayer, He brought out it’s significance through a parable that was contradictory to His nature.

*Midnight knock at a friend’s house*.
Why? “Another friend of mine is in need”. Seriously?! Again, knock knock! The aggressiveness was too high. Since, this man doesn’t want to be bothered anymore, he wakes up and grants the request. (Lk 11:5-7).

What about if we Go to God like that, with a zealous and persistent love for a friend of ours, to see their needs (which only He has a solution for/to) met? If we are genuinely knocking at the door of heaven by confessing that we have nothing to offer apart from being in an intimate relationship with Jesus, we will not fail to see answers flood.

*Needs doesn’t always have to be materialistic.*


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