23-May-2017 : Mountains

“Go up to the mountains, bring wood and rebuild the temple, that I may be pleased with it and be glorified,” says the LORD. – Haggai 1: 8

The mountains! They signify problems that spell IMPOSSIBLE loudly, clearly and nastily. We all face or have faced these snarlingly vexatious mountains in our lives. Maybe some of us are in the midst of one right now. But beloved of God, the insignificance of the mountains become perceivable when we decide to the climb up the mountain to encounter God.

Yes, with God mountains melts like wax. But, some of them are just meant for you and me to gather our determination, courage and faith to climb up and see the GLORY of GOD, which we would never see by staying where we are.

Climb up! How? Run to meet with God! How?

Worship Him and let go off those distractions. The mountains that challenge you now will be on which you will stand high and see Him pour out Himself on you.

Let’s not just be waiting to see mountains melt, but let’s give ourselves the pleasure and joy to see them bow down to the Name above every other name – Yeshua.

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