24-May-2017 : Fear and Comfort

“Walking in the *fear of the Lord* and *in the comfort of the Holy Spirit,* they were multiplied.” Acts 9:31b 


I used to pray prayers for multiplication in regards to the the five loves and two fishes. Many at times, I have to admit, that multiplication didn’t happen. But insignificant addition did come by. Yes, there have been moments of abundance because God is my Father, but not in every area of my life.

Few days back as I was reading this verse and I realized, that multiplication happens when we have reverential fear for the Almighty God. And, when we choose no other comforts apart from the comfort of the Holy Spirit.

That fear makes you say, “Not my will but Yours”.

That comfort comes into your deserted moments and ministers to you like the angels ministered to Jesus, after overcoming the temptations, while fasting.

When problems or challenges come by like a whirlwind, we often, in flesh choose escape routes or call on people and find coziness in their company. We end up blaming people, their actions and pressures to why we cannot choose to stay by the standards of God. We maximize our human inability not seeking the ability of the Holy Spirit to make His strength perfect in our weaknesses.

We say God is loving and ignore that grieving His Spirit is impardonable. We manipulate His nature to what suits us the most. We lie to ourselves and think God understands when we disobey.

We lose respect for Him because we give Him the time of only what is left and not the best. We think the Words that gratify our souls are better than the everlasting joy we get with His Spirit’s comfort. In the midst of such compromises how then can we see Heavenly abundance and multiplication? Let’s repent and turn to the Father who is able to enable us to obey Him, and indeed shower us with His best; that adds no sorrow to our lives.

When we walk in utmost respect for God and take comfort ONLY in His Words, we attract people to trust and obey Him boldly. 

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