– Nov’17 –

The mistakes of the past will never be repeated by you. This month of November you will know that route to your breakthrough is very short; “Normally it takes only eleven days to travel from Mount Sinai to Kadesh-barnea, going by way of Mount Seir” (Deuteronomy 1: 2). Which means, the journey of 40 years took that long because the Israelites couldn’t trust God enough to not complain. God’s desire for every child of His is, to be wholly faithful in trusting Him, so that there is no delay in accessing the promises He has in store for you.

Beloved One of the Most High! Know that you are redeemed to the New Covenant of obedience, trust and grace. Let your thinking be always submitted to the best that He has purposed for you. Let no complain come out of you. You will be empowered to never take so long in accessing the promises. This month will turn out to be the month where the peace of God rules you, to give you an insight that His Word is “Yes and Amen”!

1-Nov-2017: Talk it out

2-Nov-2017: Entire Life

5-Nov-2017: Countless they are

6-Nov-2017: His Faith

7-Nov-2017: Anointing

8-Nov-2017: Blow them away

9-Nov-2017: Physician

10-Nov-2017: Authortiy

12-Nov-2017: Speak and See

13-Nov-2017: Romans 8:30

14-Nov-2017: No more pain, but Joy

15-Nov-2017: Love

16-Nov-2017: Answers

19-Nov-2017: I Can

20-Nov-2017: Remind and Remember

21-Nov-2017: The Holy Spirit

22-Nov-2017: Smile

23-Nov-2017: Yeshua

26-Nov-2017: Promise

27-Nov-2017: Grace

28-Nov-2017: God Talks

29-Nov-2017: God Talks (2)

30-Nov-2017: Battle Song


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